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Sage Line 50 Password Recovery Service

Have you lost the password for your Sage Line 50 or Instant Accounts data ?

Don't worry, we can get you back in to your data. Click here for details.

Very important notes

The services offered on this web site will only retrieve the Manager password that is used to protect the end user's data. This password is located in the end user's data files and is the legal property of the end user. By default Line 50 is supplied with no password set, so before resorting to our services you should try logging on with usercode Manager and no password.

Our tools will not provide, and are not intended to provide any method of circumventing the Copyright control mechanisms that are built into Sage Line 50. D-Trak abhors software piracy and if we come across any instances of it we will report the perpetrators to the appropriate software supplier.

Are you leaving a gaping door in the protection of your Line 50 data ? Many end users set up access rights and assign security permissions to all their users and then forget to add a password to the manager password. This means that they are granting full access to any one who enters the usercode Manager. Is your system open to all ? Go and check it now.

Use this link if the "Click here for details" link above is not working